Jonathan Cremin

Command-line Downloading on Hostr

If you have no idea what a command-line is, don’t worry, this feature isn’t something you’d be interested in anyway.

You can now download files on Hostr from the command-line using wget and curl. Perfect for when you’re on a remote server and need to grab a file from Hostr.

Command-line downloading demonstration

Here are some examples:

curl -JO
wget --content-disposition

Passing -JO for curl --content-disposition and for wget tell them to output the file using the remote header filename, otherwise you’ll end up with a file called p4l1wZlvTm27 instead of test.txt.

Bear in mind that you’re bypassing our malware warnings when you do this, so you should open the link in a browser somewhere first. Files we’re sure are just malware are removed, but less clear cut cases carry warnings instead.

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