Jonathan Cremin

Requery — A failed business idea


Requery was to be a RESTful JSON web service providing DOM site scraping with Javascript and jQuery.

I built the prototype over the course of a month or so and actually had a pretty decent product. There was the API itself, built using nodejs and express. The web panel was built with python and pylons and even has a fully functional sandbox IDE using ace.

What happened?

I decided to abandon the project when I realised that the CPU cost per DOM parse made it something that would be difficult to monetise. I had planned to build in autoscaling and had plans to mitigate process locking, these would have been interesting challenges. These CPU requirements could possibly have been dramatically reduced if I had the skills to produce a native module for nodejs to do it.

The API accounted for things like robots.txt rules, caching and logged CPU time to use as a method of billing. The plan had been to allow users a small amount of free CPU time per month to garner adoption.

It’s unfortunate that I had to kill the project, but I gained some valuable experience with nodejs and python, both of which I’d only hacked smalls scripts together with in the past. I still think it’s a solid idea, just not feasible with currently available technology.

I’ve dumped the source on Github rather than have it go to waste. It’s mostly kludge, but something in there might be useful to someone.

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