Jonathan Cremin

2011 — Things I'd like to get done.


I have a load of things I’d like to be working on, so many that I lose track and end up forgetting most of them. It’s not quite the new year yet, but here’s a short list of things I’d like to accomplish (in no particular order) in 2011:

  • Push the Localhostr alpha site and API live.
  • Finish the Localhostr Mac app, and write an Android one.
  • Launch the Minthost redesign that I have tucked away, together with SolusVM VPS offerings.
  • Build a content-rich site for Irish cinema listings using’s lovely API and hi-res images.
  • Write a PHP PECL Git extension, as much for the experience as the need for one.
  • Build myself a nice Git-based deployment system for Kohana — like apps in the spirit of Heroku’s method

I’ll probably add to this list in the run up to the new year, but that’ll do for now ;)

I’m under no illusion that I can get all of this done but any small part of it would be nice. What awesome plans have you got on the long finger?

I'm an engineering manager living in Dublin and working at Udemy. I've built stuff for Mac, iOS, and the web, like Hostr and Want to get in touch? Email or toot @kudos.