Jonathan Cremin

Neowindex 2008

Neowindex 2008

Neowindex is the name given to gatherings of Neowin staff and members. This years brought me and 6 other staffers to Haarlem and about 8 more to Seattle last weekend.

The guys in Seattle got tours of Microsoft, Valve and the ship from Deadliest Catch, a Discovery Channel show. They got a preview of the new TF2 Map “Goldrush” and got to play it against the guys who made it, the lucky bastards :P .

Meanwhile, in Haarlem/Amsterdam we did a whole lot of drinking and sight-seeing (mainly drinking ;) ). It was great to put faces to the names and to get to know the guys personally, they really are a great bunch! We had Chris Aarons of Buzzcorp join us on our escapades also, a really nice guy and he’s going to be helping us with an upcoming giveaway on Neowin.

I'm an engineering manager living in Dublin and working at Udemy. I've built stuff for Mac, iOS, and the web, like Hostr and Want to get in touch? Email or toot @kudos.